Our Mission

& Values


Our Mission

To feed, shelter, and assist with recovery and self-care the hungry and homeless in our community, and to do so without judgement or exclusivity.


Our Values

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Treating everyone with dignity.

We strive to be a welcoming, dignified space where our guests can experience the compassion and respect they may struggle to find in everyday life. While many of our guests seek food, warmth, and other physical aids, some come in search of social and emotional support, to whom we gladly offer a listening ear.


Dropping our titles at the door.

We are blessed to have many well-known community figures come volunteer, but regardless of titles, education, or affluence, everyone is equal in our space. Volunteers must treat guests with the respect they themselves expect. Everyone who volunteers is expected to help with setting up, prepping food, washing dishes, serving, and anything in between.


Acting with the environment in mind.

We partner with Eastie Farm, a local community garden, to bring fresh, organically grown produce to our guests’ plates. Additionally, we make trips to a nearby compost bin each Tuesday.